Sample Collection Kit Production, Sample Pickup Service

Sample Collection Kit production, Sample pickup service

Sample collection tubes and other materials are provided in custom-built sets.
Mediford Corporation's sample collection set is designed and produced to meet the unique needs of each study and is easy to use for investigator sites' staff.

Service Details

Sample collection kit production (assembly/delivery)

Kit assembly is a process to produce tubes/materials in sets used for studies to collect sample such as blood and urine.
For each commissioned clinical study, mediford customizes the kit composition to the purpose of studies, target disease, and study requirements such as "visit" (the point at which sample are collected from subjects/patients) or test items included in studies.
In accordance with this composition design, multiple types of sample collection material sets are compiled as needed (called "sample collection kits") and delivered to each medical institution to conduct the study, as per their desired schedule.

The expiration date of blood collection tubes and aliquot tubes, etc. depends on the type of materials and manufacturers. The expiration dates are managed by mediford to release clients from the necessity of monitoring them. Additionally, mediford will deliver sample collection kits to each medical institution involved at the timing requested by sponsor.

Boxes for sample collection kit


*Size: width x depth x height

High-quality sample collection kit and sufficient production capacity

Mediford Corporation has a maximum production capacity of kits of 20,000 VISITs per month and has a track record of production of over 200,000 VISITs in 2022.
In 2022, the incident rate of production that would hinder use at medical institutions was 0%, and the production incident detection rate during our internal QC process was 0.003%, maintaining extremely high quality.

Sample pickup service

"Sample pickup" is a service to pick up sample collected at medical institutions and to transport them to LSI Medience laboratory.
Mediford Corporation has built its own sample pickup network throughout Japan. Our skillful dedicated staff, who have long experience and track record in picking up sample for clinical tests that require special care such as temperature control during transportation, which is key to quality, and other specific handling requirements, provide the services courteously and quickly.

Sample pickup generally follows the flow below:

Receive a request for sample pickup
Requests for sample pickup are mainly received from staff at each medical institution conducting the study by telephone, fax, or e-mail. Dedicated staff at mediford call center will receive the request and obtain the information necessary for pickup in detail.
Make arrangements for pickup
At the call center, based on the information received, we will arrange sample pickup on a real-time basis with pickup stations throughout Japan via mediford's dedicated system.
Visit the medical institution conducting the study, in accordance with the request details
On the day of pickup, sample pickup staff will visit the medical institution from the nearest base within the nationwide network, at the appointed date, time, and location.
Verification and pickup of the sample onsite
At each medical institution, pickup staff verify and pickup blood, urine, and other sample and test requisition forms at predetermined area. Pickup staff are fully trained and specialized in sample handling. For verification of sample, the pickup staff checks whether the contents of submitted sample such as quantities of tubes and storage conditions match the requested instruction. If there is any discrepancy, the pickup staff promptly contacts the person in charge of the medical institution and takes necessary actions.
Transport the sample to LSI Medience under appropriate temperature control
Picked-up sample are transported using specialized boxes at each predetermined temperature range (ambient, refrigerated, frozen). sample are transported from all over Japan, in the most suitable way for each region, such as air or land, and generally reach to LSI Medience laboratory on the same day as pickup.
Accession of sample
Once the sample arrives at the laboratory, pickup staff will hand it over to mediford's reception staff.
The person in charge of sample reception will count the number of tubes received and check the information written on the sample transportation record (sample transportation work log), temperature record at the time of carry-in and carry-out, and contents of test requisition form enclosed with each sample, to complete the procedure required.