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Mediford Corporation was established on November 1, 2023 by combining the drug development support businesses of LSIM Safety Institute Corporation and LSI Medience Corporation.

One-stop services at every stage of Drug Development

About usFrom drug discovery research through post-marketing surveillance, covering both non-clinical and clinical phases

Mediford Corporation originates from two businesses.
One is LSIM Safety Institute Corporation. As a GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) compliant testing institute, this business provides non-clinical testing services such as safety and efficacy evaluation of pharmaceuticals, and regenerative medicine products.
The other is the drug development support business of LSI Medience Corporation. This business offers Bioanalysis Servicess that utilize our advanced analytical technologies including Biomarker Analysis and drug concentration measurement, along with Central Laboratory Services that cover the entire process involved in testing for clinical trials.

By integrating the knowledge and technologies accumulated in both businesses, mediford responds to the diversifying needs of new treatment modalities. In addition, by handling evaluation services through our technical platform that covers both non-clinical and clinical study phases within one company, we make fit-for-purpose proposals with analytical technologies that cover both of these phases.

Looking ahead to the globalization of new drug development, mediford will continue to strive to enhance services including the introduction of new technologies, and strengthen services for global pharmaceutical companies and analytical laboratories. We will also expand partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, ventures, and academia in cutting-edge scientific fields, contributing to the advancement of new drugs and therapies.

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CompanyTo create a world where people
have the power to choose
their path to mental and physical
health and fulfillment.