Environment and Safety Policy

We are always conscious of the importance of the environment and safety and strive to foster an environmentally aware and safety oriented culture.

In order to live a bright and healthy life, it is essential to protect the irreplaceable natural environment of this earth.
Ensuring the environment and safety is prioritized above all else in our business activities.
We, as responsible business people, will always keep the environment and safety in mind in all business activities for the sake of our next generation, and will voluntarily and continuously work to foster an environmentally aware and safety oriented culture.

Action guidelines for environment and safety

The action guidelines for environment and safety action outlined below apply to all sections and departments within mediford.

  • Be actively involved in reducing emissions of toxic chemicals and in reducing the volume of waste product emitted; active promotion of subsequent circulation and recycling.
  • Be actively involved in reducing energy use and in the conservation of natural resources.
  • Ensure that we fully consider factors such as environmental conservation, accident prevention, and industrial health and safety throughout the complete lifecycle of all of the company's products, as well as in all services and activities provided by mediford.
  • Ensure that all of the company's employees, from management level down, fully follow and comply with all domestic and international laws and regulations concerning environmental and safety issues.
  • Provide comprehensive training and education for all of the company's employees and strive to improve their knowledge and awareness of environmental and safety issues in an attempt to prevent accidents at work and operational safety and environmental accidents.
  • Stipulate environmental and safety goals and targets and continually strive to carry out their continual improvement.

By ensuring we inform the public of the company's efforts in dealing with such environmental and safety issues in a timely and accurate fashion, we hope to gain recognition and credibility from both our clients and the wider public. We also hope that the company's environmental and safety guidelines will prove to be of use not only to ourselves, but also to the general public.

Established: November 1st, 2023
President & CEO
Kei Shimizu