Business Performance

Business Performance

We have a track record of contract work across various phases and a wide range of disease areas,
earning the trust of many clients in the development process of numerous compounds.

  • Business Experienceover45years
  • Number of Conducted Studiesover70,000
  • Number of Clientsover1,400

Experiences of Central Laboratory Services (CLS)※ 2020 - 2022

Number of Clinical Studies by Therapeutic Area
Number of Clinical Studies by Development Phase

Experiences of Bioanalytical Services (BAS)※ 2020 - 2022

Number of Studies by Methodology (Equipment)
Item Main Method (Equipment)
PK・ADA LC/MS, ELISA, ECL, Gyrolab, CBA (Cell-based Assay), etc.
Biomarker 1 LC/MS, ELISA, ECL, Bio-Plex, FCM(Flow Cytometry), ELISPOT, etc.
Biomarker 2 Genetic analysis (PCR, Array, Sequencer, nCounter, etc.) and IHC
Biobanking Stored samples: Blood, Serum, Plasma, Tissue Slide, DNA, etc.
Others PBMC isolation, DNA extraction, RNA extraction, etc.