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mediford could achieve

mediford would open new potential for the society. Our confidence lies in high analytical skills and deep insights into diseases acquired through our long experience. We have launched the new company, mediford, based on accumulated experience to develop new methodologies from scratch, wide varieties of services provided so far, and firm reliability established with various stakeholders. We would like to be recognized in the world by providing new values to the society. We believe that delivery of the values and the possibilities created from our activities will not only evolve medical treatment and drug development but also make various and free approaches to human healthcare and well-being possible. People have their own thoughts. We have a passion to realize each of their desire. We aspire a world for people to select means to achieve overall health and well-being, and to fulfill the life, to lead a progressive “living”.

mediford was newly established on November 1st, 2023 by integrating both non-clinical and clinical studies supporting businesses for drug development under PHC Group. We will create more innovative technologies and deliver advanced products and services through synergetic activities within PHC Group.
We will contribute to all stakeholders engaged in healthcare business, from upstream to downstream, including long-term supportive customers, stockholders, and employees.
There is something mediford could achieve. We will be moving forward with this strong belief.

November 1st, 2023
President & CEO
Kei Shimizu