Message from
Top Management

At mediford, we can.

"mediford" represents new possibilities for health and wellbeing. Our confidence is based on our deep understanding of disease and powerful analytical skills. We launched our company to leverage our extensive experience in developing new healthcare methodologies from the ground up, bolstered by a wide variety of services and strong relationships with a range of stakeholders in health and wellbeing.

Our goal is for the mediford name to become known worldwide for providing unique value to society. We believe that delivering this unique value to society will promote the advancement of medical care and drug development, helping diversify and inspire new approaches to treatment and health promotion.

People have a wide variety of hopes. mediford seeks to help realize the health and wellbeing hopes of all people. We strive to create a world where people have the power to choose their path to mental and physical health and fulfillment.

Mediford Corporation was established on November 1st, 2023 by integrating the non-clinical testing and clinical trial businesses of PHC Group. By fostering synergy within PHC Group, we can create more innovative technologies and provide advanced products and services.

We will succeed by collaborating not only with our employees, shareholders, and business partners who support us, but also a variety of stakeholders from upstream to downstream in the healthcare industry.

At mediford, we can. This is the core belief that pushes us forward.

Kei Shimizu
President & CEO
Mediford Corporation