Analyzing changes of mutation and expression in focused genes is extremely important for researching functions and relationships to disease state of the genes.

Mediford Corporation offers services ranging from method development to determination/analysis with various platforms. In addition, analytical services of gene expressions and gene mutations are available.

Instrument Manufacturer Kit, Items, etc.
LightCycler 480Ⅱ Roche Diagnostics
  • mRNA quantification with hydrolysis probes (TaqMan)
  • Genotyping, etc.
7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR instrument Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Typing of influenza viruses
  • Multiple Tests of respiratory infection specimens
Agilent DNA Microarray Scanner Agilent Technologies
  • SurePrint G3 Human GE Microarray 8x60K Ver. 3.0
  • SurePrint G3 Human miRNA Microarray 8×60K
GeneTitan Multi-channel Instrument Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • PharmacoScan Assay
  • Axiom Japonica Array NEO
GeneChip System 3000Dx v.2 Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • GeneChip Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array
  • GeneChip Mouse Genome 430 2.0 Array
  • GeneChip Rat Genome 230 2.0 Array
3500 Genetic Analyzer Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Sequencing and fragment analysis
nCounter Analysis System NanoString Technologies
  • nCounter Human Inflammation V2 Panel
  • nCounter Human ADC Development Panel
  • Other nCounter Custom Solutions

Service Details

DNA/RNA extraction

We perform extractions of DNA and RNA (total RNA) from blood, plasma, serum, tissue, cells, etc. If necessary, concentration and quality of extracted/purified DNA/RNA is evaluated. After confirming the validity of the DNA/RNA, the next step of determination is conducted.
We can provide any method of extraction/purification and determination of concentration/quality, from general methods using commercial kits and client specified methods.

Gene expression analysis

We will propose the best method among various analytical platforms according to the type and number of Gene of Interest (GOI) to analyze.

Gene expression profiling by microarray

For comprehensive analysis of gene expression, we provide contract services utilizing GeneChip from Agilent and Affymetrix (currently: Thermo Fisher Scientific). A wide variety of high-quality microarrays are available to meet our clients’ needs, including microarrays for analyzing miRNA.
Mediford Corporation is certified as a contract service provider for Affymetrix.

Gene expression analysis by RT-qPCR

We provide analysis services by Reverse transcription-quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) to determine expression levels of specific genes. It is effective for analysis of specific gene sequences, specific biological pathways, biological processes, and gene groups related to diseases.
In the field of gene/cell therapy in which development is increasing in recent years, real-time PCR can be used for Determination of Drug Concentrations in vivo. We have an increasing track record in in-vivo determination of CAR loading cells such as CAR-T and recombinant viruses.
We can comply with the reliability standard in expression level analysis of specific genes.

Gene expression analysis by digital omics analyzer

We also support direct digital count of nucleic acids without PCR multiplication. nCounter Analysis system from NanoString Technologies is an analysis device which can count nucleic acid level digitally without PCR multiplication by adding a special molecular barcode. It is possible to analyze up to 800 genes simultaneously. Accurate and reproducible results can be obtained from various matrices, from blood to FFPE tissue.
We can support a series of applications such as RNA analysis, DNA analysis, and miRNA analysis. We have catalogue panels for mice and rats in addition to human panels, and custom designed panels are also available. We can conduct analyses complying with reliability standards.

nCounter Analysis System

Gene mutation analysis

Gene mutation analysis by genotyping array

Comprehensive SNPs analysis in genome DNA is available using GeneChip Genotyping array from Affymetrix (currently: Thermo Fisher Scientific).

Gene mutation analysis by PCR

PCR based mutation analysis of specific genome region is available. We can conduct special analysis such as comparison between normal tissue and tumor tissue macro-dissected from a histopathological section.

Pharmacogenomics analysis

Analyzing gene mutation coding drug metabolism and drug transporters is expected to improve safety and efficacy of dosing drugs in drug development.

Analytical services with pharmacogenomics solution from Thermo Fisher Scientific is available. For example, Axiom PharmacoScan Array can conduct comprehensive genotyping by analyzing approximately 1,200 genes and 4,627 drug adsorption/distribution/metabolism/excretion (ADME) markers simultaneously.