Since the introduction of GLP quality standards into our testing facilities, mediford has been conducting in vivo and in vitro toxicity tests, genotoxicity tests, safety pharmacology tests, pharmacological tests, TK/PK analysis, and pharmacokinetic tests as a GLP-compliant contract research organization. Based on our experience and expertise, we have been providing educations on various experimental techniques at the clients’ request.

Our researchers with their years of experience, expertise, and specialized certifications are able to offer services suitable to our clients’ request. It is also possible for us to provide services other than those below, please contact us for details.

Service Details


Mediford Corporation offers pathology training programs to our clients, and, through our wealth of experience and knowledge of toxicologic pathology assessment, we help improve the technical skills of their toxicologic pathology staff. We offer various training and support services: training for new pathologists, training for long-term studies (age-related change or tumor, etc.), support for writing articles, and consulting services (pathological findings, etc.) including peer review. For more details about the above services and other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Histopathological training services (basic course)

Specimen rental and lecturing services

Support for writing articles and studies

Peer review and consulting services

Animal Experiment Techniques

Mediford Corporation provides various experimental technique training services on experimental operations in safety tests and pharmacological tests. Our experienced technicians (senior laboratory animal technicians, basic ophthalmologists, etc.) provide technical guidance in actual operation and measurement settings to help improve experimental skills. We also provide on-site services upon request.

Animal experiment techniques

Administration, blood collection, necropsy, ophthalmologic examination (light reflex, ophthalmoscopy, intraocular pressure measurement, corneal endothelium examination, corneal thickness examination, and electroretinogram examination), and various other examinations.

Genotoxicity tests

Ames test, chromosome aberration test, in vitro micronucleus test, in vivo micronucleus test, operation related to comet assay etc.

Reproductive developmental toxicity tests

Estrus cycle test, sperm examination, production of pregnant animals (mating), caesarean section examination, external examination, visceral examination, skeletal examination, intrapartum test, nursing test, developmental differentiation test, functional examination, motor coordination examination, learning ability examination, and emotionality examination.

In vivo test using RI labeled substance

Blood concentration (administration, blood collection), distribution (QWBA, tissue extraction method), and excretion (urine, feces, bile), etc.

GLP and Reliability Related Services

Mediford Corporation supports preparation of various documents according to clients’ requests. Please consult us about inspection of studies entrusted to external facilities.

Provision of GLP education and instruction material preparation support

Standard operating procedures preparation support

Inspection of studies entrusted to external facilities