Consulting and Advisory Services

Consulting and Advisory Services

In recent years, with the diversification of drug modalities, including regenerative medicine products, non-clinical trials and research (translational research) have become increasingly complex in order to apply therapeutic tools (seeds) discovered in basic research to clinical practice. In response, various regulations have been tightened, and some businesses and/or organizations may find it difficult to comply with them.

We provide consulting and advisory services for non-clinical studies in order to ensure early and efficient application of seeds into clinical practice.

Service details

Advisory Services

In addition to advisors who are well versed in all aspects of nonclinical studies, we have many experts in each field to provide optimal translational research.

We are able to provide a wide range of support from small molecule drugs to new modalities such as regenerative medicine based on our experience in supporting the development of a wide variety of seeds.

Contents of Advisory Services

  • Resolving various issues in the process of translational research
  • Proposal of R&D strategies
  • Interpretation of nonclinical study results (studies conducted by other companies are acceptable)
  • Advice on how to respond to issues identified from study results
  • Advice on regulatory compliance
  • Advice on clinical trial planning
  • Implementation of researches and preparation of documents related to the above operation

By collaborating with other companies (CROs, etc.) with which we have built relationships over many years in our nonclinical research business, we are able to respond to difficult requests.
Our advisory services are not limited to products for medical purposes, but also for general-purpose chemicals and industrial products.