Clinical Testing,
Sample Management

Clinical Testing, sample Management

"Clinical testing", the critical step for medical institutions to make accurate and quick "diagnoses".
World-class advanced testing technologies at LSI Medience, the predecessor of Mediford Corporation, supports prevention/earlier detection of diseases, treatment, and next-generation medical care.

Service Details

Clinical testing at LSI Medience

LSI Medience is Japan's leading comprehensive clinical testing center with world-class advanced testing technologies.
LSI Medience contributes to the prevention, earlier detection, and treatment of diseases by providing comprehensive solutions in the clinical testing field through wide range of services.
LSI Medience has been supporting proactively next-generation medical care such as personalized medicine.

For "food" safety, LSI Medience applies its advanced analytical technologies not only to the medical field but also to “food” safety to support food hygiene inspections and food-handling facilities/equipment hygiene inspections.
Currently, expectations concerning high-quality diagnostic testing services are high internationally, especially in emerging countries improvement of medical infrastructures is imperative.

LSI Medience is actively accelerating the development of products/technologies and expanding its business to be well accepted in the global markets.
Drug development supporting business, now succeeded by mediford, has been developed to a major business at LSI Medience.
For clinical studies associated with mediford, mediford provides high-quality test data accurately and promptly by utilizing LSI Medience’s world-class testing technology for our valuable clients.

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Sample management

Sample collected at medical institutions are managed appropriately at mediford according to their purposes.

Sample submitted from medical institutions are classified as follows:
i) Testing at mediford/LSI Medience;
ii) Transferring to designated third party laboratories;
iii) Storing for long period.

Sample tested at mediford/LSI Medience

Residual sample of serum/plasma after testing described in the study protocols can be stored during the clinical study period. At the end of the study period, stored sample (tested sample) are processed according to sponsors’ request as follows: a) disposal; b) extended storage; c) return to sponsors. When sample are disposed of, the records of disposal are preserved.

Sample transferred to designated third party laboratories

Sample shipping to third party laboratories other than mediford/LSI Medience (for PK/PD) will be securely kept temporarily in dedicated storage areas at mediford until they are dispatched. They will be stored to comply with predetermined conditions based on characteristics of sample and assay to be performed and overall study design. They can be stored at five different temperature conditions: room temperature, refrigerated, frozen at -20℃, -70℃, and -150℃. Each refrigerator/freezer is locked and the temperature is monitored 24 hours a day by centralized temperature monitoring system. For unexpected power outages, all refrigerators/freezers are connected to our private power generators. sample can be shipped to third party laboratories overseas in addition to local laboratories.

Sample to be stored for long period

We offer long-term storage service of sample, “Biobanking service”, based on the sponsors’ purpose. In order to prepare for significant utilization of precious sample, for example, while testing methodology is under development or detail of analysis needs more time to be decided, those sample are securely stored in dedicated and access-controlled areas with an abundance of liquid nitrogen tanks depending on sponsors’ request.

Sample shipping service

Sample stored at Mediford Corporation can be shipped to designated testing laboratories, upon the sponsor's request.

For each shipment, mediford’s staff create a sample list, verify the samples with the list, pack them into sample storage boxes, arrange for courier companies, and hand them over to the company.
If the number of shipping tubes is less than 300 in one shipment, for example, the expected preparation period for the shipment is 10 business days after confirming the shipping list by the sponsor.