Bioanalysis Services

We can help accelerate research and development with our highly reliable analytical services.

Bioanalysis Services

We provide analytical services for drugs, their metabolites, and biomarkers in biological samples. Our team offers comprehensive support including analytical method development and validation as well as measurement of samples, from the basic research/screening stage to the verification/clinical development stage.

Mediford Corporation can help accelerate research and development with our highly reliable analytical services.

Characteristics of Our Services

We have extensive experience in the measurement of a variety of analytes such as small molecules, medium-sized molecules (peptides, nucleic acids, etc.), and large molecules. We can also respond to the diversifying modalities of developing pharmaceuticals.
In supporting research and development, we incorporate various analytical techniques including LC-MS/MS and Ligand-Binding Assay (LBA) as well as cell characteristic analysis, genetic analysis, and spatial analysis in tissue.

Different analytical capabilities are required in each phase of research and development. Our experienced staff can provide the appropriate analytical services that will fit your specific requirements during each phase. This includes preliminary evaluation and determination under regulation, qualitative and quantitative analysis, animal and human specimens, small and large sample sizes, while refining analytical methods when necessary. Our experience as a GLP accredited institute helps solve various challenges of our clients.

  • Basic researchApplied researchDevelopment research (Clinical trials)
  • Analytical method development/transferPerformance evaluation/optimizationAnalytical method validationAnalysis of biological samples
  • Small moleculesMedium-sized molecules (peptides, nucleic acids, etc.)Large molecules/Biologics
  • LC-MS/MSLBAOthers (Flow cytometry, PCR, Imaging, etc.)
  • Qualitative analysisQuantitative analysis
  • Animal specimensHuman specimens
  • Small sample sizeLarge sample size