Long-term Storage of Bioanalytical Samples (Specimen)

Long-term storage of bioanalytical samples (specimen)

Mediford Corporation offers services for long-term storage of important samples collected in clinical trials in order to utilize them in the future.
We can handle the entire procedures from pick-up of the samples from study sites, DNA extraction or serum/plasma separation, anonymization of subject information, storage at each temperature range, to periodic reporting of storing conditions.
We can accept a variety of storing matrices such as blood, DNA, serum, plasma, and tissue slides.

Service Details

Internal long-term storage (banking service)

We provide a banking service for storing samples collected in clinical trials for pharmacogenomic research purposes, etc. in the storage area of our laboratory under the control of a manager.
Within the operation period of clinical trials, an appointed study director and study personnel accept and store the samples received in accordance with the study plan issued in advance.
After the study termination (long-term storage period), the gene manager takes over the management. If necessary, periodic reports are issued with numbers of samples stored and temperature conditions.
The storage area is in the banking room in the GLP area under strict access control. Temperature of the storage is strictly monitored by a temperature and humidity data acquisition system 24 hours a day. Anonymization is conducted under direct supervision of a gene manager by an anonymization system, after which the samples are identified with a 2D barcode of assigned control numbers. Personal information of the subjects is totally protected with 2 ID numbers, an accession number assigned within the clinical study period and a control number assigned at anonymization.

External long-term storage

External storage facility is used for those samples which do not require anonymization or periodical reports such as residual specimen after analysis or specimen collected for exploratory research purposes.
Receipt of samples from abroad or shipment of samples to other facilities are also available. Please feel free to consult us about optimizing storage location and storage management organization.

Contract analysis service of stored samples

When stored samples are analyzed, we can propose an analysis menu and analytical method for them.
Please feel free to consult us.