Quality Policy

We always strive to provide products and services that bring a sense of security to our clients while working even harder to improve the quality that clients have come to trust.


We will place priority in communicating with clients to respond to their needs and ensure satisfaction while providing products and services that meet their expectations.


We will build a quality assurance system that enables us to provide high quality products and services. We will obtain third-party recognition and certificates that prove the validity of our system, and we will continuously strive to improve the system we build and gain the trust of our clients.


We will provide products and services with scientifically supported quality. We will constantly pursue advanced technologies and knowledge in response to the needs of our clients.


We will comply with laws, regulations, and standards required for the products and services we provide. As a company trusted by clients, we will constantly strive to reform our level of awareness and self-improvement as we pursue high morals and thoroughly practice risk management.

Established: November 1st, 2023
Kei Shimizu