Handling of Personal Information

Joint Use of Personal Information

We may use personal information jointly with affiliated companies of PHC Holdings Corporation.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We may use personal information to respond to inquiries, provide requested materials, and for the following purposes:

  • Measuring and improving advertising effectiveness
  • Delivering behavioral targeting ads
  • Market analysis and marketing
  • Inferring demographic information such as gender
  • Monitoring fraudulent activities
  • Controlling the frequency of ad views
  • Providing information about services offered by our company
  • Selling and providing services offered by our company
  • Announcing seminars, events, and exhibitions
  • Handling business negotiations and inquiries

Disclosure of Personal Information

The individual may request that the personal information held by us be disclosed, corrected, added to or deleted, or that its use be suspended through our company's "Contact for Inquiries and Complaints regarding Handling of Personal Information."

Outsourcing the Handling of Personal Information

We may outsource the handling of personal information obtained through this site. When outsourcing, we will select contractors who will handle personal information appropriately and will supervise them to ensure proper and safe management of personal information.

Personal Information Obtained by Methods Not Easily Recognizable by the Individual

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